Race Regulations

Last Updated 06/07/09

All participants must adhere to the following race regulations:

1. Spirit of the Event

Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset is an adventure race organized alongside local nomads and among rare flora and fauna in one of the most pristine National Parks of the world. Whilst offering challenging competition for the best ultra-runners, the event aims at preserving the beauty of the setting and at promoting the local cultural identity.

2. Participant's Safety

Safety is best ensured through prevention: at all times, make sure to keep focused and to be extra careful near cliffs (yes, there are cliffs!) or while going down steep trails. Exhaustion may reduce your attention or even cause disorientation; altitude adds to these effects. Always make sure to drink and eat regularly and sufficiently; rest if you feel excessively exhausted. Should an emergency occur, fast communication will ensure that the emergency can be dealt with in the best possible way. For such an emergency, modern technology is on stand-by (e.g. short-wave radio, Western medical assistance and pharmaceuticals). But if injured, you will have to first get to an aid-station to benefit from those means. In certain circumstances only a fellow runner will be able to help you reach an aid-station or to inform the nearest aid-station. Should you meet a runner in need of assistance, do supply it, based on actions you will be taught before the race. Do also inform the next aid-station or the nearest one in case of a life-threatening situation.

2.1 You must stay on course at all times for your own safety and follow the markings (green paint or race poles). Should you not see course markings for 2-300 m. return to the last one you had seen and look for the next trail marking.

2.2 You are required to carry at all times:

2.2.1 Rain proof gear for top and bottom
2.2.2 Your emergency kit, containing One emergency blanket, provided One whistle, one note pad and 2 small plastic bags, provided Emergency food, provided The course map and profile, provided Bandage, provided Water disinfecting tablets, provided.
2.2.4 Your own compass
2.2.5 Your own liquid containers with a minimum capacity of 1.5 liters
2.2.6 Your own electrical torch

2.3 You are required to carry the above items in order to enhance your ability to withstand an emergency situation and allow the race direction to bring you assistance as fast as possible.

2.3.1.  Do not discard the items listed under 2.2 as long as you are still racing.
2.3.2. You are requested to consume your provided emergency food rations while racing only if: You are unable to transport yourself to an aid-station. You are exhausted; you may collapse or feel you are getting disoriented. You consider yourself to be in an emergency situation.
2.3.3.  The above items will be checked at aid-stations and you will not be allowed to continue if they are not replaced/restocked.

2.4. The items you are required to carry with you will be checked before start and at finish!

2.5. Immediately provide assistance to other participants in an emergency situation. You will be given some relevant instruction before the race. You may find it necessary to transport an injured fellow runner to the nearest station. After providing assistance inform the race direction via aid-stations. As much as possible you will be credited extra time for your detour or time spent in assistance.

2.6. Should you be in need of assistance, but not in need of immediate transport to an aid-station, you will help other runners communicate your condition without delaying them, by writing a message in English on the pad with the pen provided and protecting it in a small plastic bag. The next fellow runner will carry this message to the next aid-station.

2.6.1. On this message, write as summarized on the notepad cover:  Your race number and name Your position estimate (between Km X and Km Y) Your condition Your perceived most urgent needs
2.6.2.  Insert the message in the plastic bag and hand it over to the next runner.

2.7. Should you need to attract assistance use your whistle as follows: whistle 3 short blows, wait and repeat.

2.8. Should you hear an emergency whistle, reply by three long whistles to let the person in need know that he/she has been heard.

2.9. Runners who did not assist in an emergency will be disqualified from the race.

2.10. Race medical personnel on course and at aid stations are entitled to withdraw you from the race if they sees fit.

3. Environmental and Cultural Code

The Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset is set in one of the most beautiful national parks in Asia. Preserving and possibly improving its environment and the cultural distinctiveness of its inhabitants is a primary goal of the event. We request your active collaboration to achieve this purpose, as follows:

3.1. While running or hiking, keep to existing trails
3.2. Do not litter at anytime, anywhere.
3.3. Pick-up litter that you may come across, even if it is not yours.
3.4. Do not unnecessarily disturb wild or domestic animals
3.5. Be generally respectful of the local flora, fauna, people and deities. (Do consider taking at least one clockwise circumambulation around the local cairns -called ovoo in Mongolia- which you will pass by while running! Also try not to move rocks, as Mongolians say that they suffer for a thousand year as a result.)

4. Behavior at Aid-stations and Finish

Aid-station personnel will do their utmost to provide you with drink, food and first aid. They are also keeping track of your location on the course and so contribute to your safety: please help them to help you!

4.1 When arriving at aid-stations, first check-in for time and medical check, then proceed to food and drink.
4.2. You may not litter or carry cups away from the aid-stations.
4.3. At race finish, shower and a dinner will be organized. Please be patient if hot water or a shower cabin is not available immediately after you arrive, due to limited facilities.

5. Waiver

You will be asked to sign a hard copy of the waiver embedded in the registration form freeing the Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset and associated organization from liability in case of accident, illness, injury or death. If Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset does not receive a signed copy of the waiver form you may not take part in the event, as a runner or in any other capacity.

Waiver - for all entrants, runners and companions:

I understand the safety hazards and rules as outlined in the registration form, and I understand that this list of hazards is not complete, and that there are many other risks involved. I attest that I am physically fit and have sufficiently trained for Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset (referred to below as "The Event"). I attest that am able to complete the race distance that I have registered for in under 18 hours. I understand that the organizers may withdraw me from the race at any time should my condition be deemed unfit by the medical personnel or for any reason, without any refund. I understand that The Event may be altered or cancelled/delayed. I have arranged valid evacuation/repatriation insurance and will provide copy to the organizers at departure. I verify that I and/or my own insurers assume all expenses if I am involved in an accident, illness or other incapacity while in Mongolia for The Event, regardless of whether I have authorized such expenses. Upon the acceptance of my entry in The Event, I, intending to be legally bound, do hereby for myself and my heirs, executors and administrators waive and release any and all claims for damages and cases of suit of action, known or unknown, that I may have against Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset, ecoLeap foundation, Hovsgol Travel Company, The Mongolia Government, and against any and all participating race directors, officers, employees, volunteers, agents and sponsors, for any and all injuries, theft or losses resulting from my participation in The Event or presence in Mongolia for The Event. I agree to be filmed and photographed during the event and that films and photos may be broadcast and published without my subsequent approval. I hereby waive all copyrights and other rights to photos and films made during the event. I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the event. Faxing or electronically submitting this form with hand written or printed signature equally signifies my agreement and I agree to sign additional hard copies of this waiver on arrival in Mongolia.

I hereby agree with the above terms of participation.