Race Tips

The following race tips were contributed by Klaus Dieter Muttke: 

"When I was trying to put up some timetables for the race I realised that it is not so easy. If you put down the schedule and some runners think that this is the absolutely true they're wrong. You have to listen to your body and adjust your schedule to your abilities in the special advent. If you try to stick to some time schedules under all circumstances in this run you can ruin yourself and all you get is an unforgettable mistake! So I wrote some tips from my experiences as a trail ultrarunner special for those of you who are newbies in this kind of races. Don't blame me if it does not work out the way it should, I can't guarantee anything!

  1. Speed: This is no road race! Expect to be about 40-50% slower than in a 100km flat road race.
  2. Altitude: Remember the altitude. You are at about 1,600 Meters and the highest point of the race is about 2,300 Meters (and some ups and downs around 2,000 Meters).
  3. Drinking: It is important to take water with you (full load!) at every aid station. You may think it is not necessary for 6-7km but if you lose the course, you will need more time than you calculated. That happened to some runners in MS2S 1999 (included me) and you will have serious problems without the required amount of fluid. 
  4. Practical tips:
  • The first 12km in the race you should run at your training pace - don't push yourself too much.
  • Then walk/run up Chichee Pass, take it easy on the way down, run where possible.
  • Until Toilogt Aid Station you should not have some serious problems, if yes, stay there and say: That was the best Marathon I ever ran!
  • The next section to Jankai (about 12-13km) is flat. This will be your way back too. Expect to be slower the second time around on the way back.
  • To the next station you have ups and downs and some flat stretches. But always watch the course markings!
  • From Modot Bulan Aid Station (Drop bag station) you have one of the most beautiful sections of the course with fantastic vistas, take your camera!
  • The last section you already know, but like I mentioned before: you will probably be a little bit slower than the other way."

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