Travel Packages

MS2S 2013

The following travel packages are available for participants, companions and children. All packages start and finish in UB (Ulaanbataar) International Airport:

  • Race Only Package (3-10 August 2013)
    • US$ 1,780 (adult)
    • US$ 1,280 (children from 2-12 years)
    • US$ 500 (children under 2 years)

Two add-on programs are available for participants (these packages follow the Race-Only Packages):

  • Race Only Package – UB Departure + Camp Toilogt Add-on Package (3-17 August, 2013)

    7 days in a comfortable ger camp by Hovsgol Lake with horse riding, trekking, kayaking and fishing opportunities after the race week
    • US$ 2,200 (adult)
    • US$ 1,560 (children from 2-12 years)
    • US$ 500 (children under 2 years)
  • Race Only Package + Hovsgol Horse Trek (3-17 August, 2013)

    7 additional days riding with a professional horse guide and camping in the mountains along Hovsgol Lake after the race week, click MS2S Add-on Trek for details.
    • US$ 2,670

The package prices will be increased by registration dates as below:

  • From March 1st to April 30th: Plus USD 100.-/package/person
  • From May 1st to May 31th Plus USD 200. - /package/person
  • From June 1st to June 15th Plus USD 350. - /package/person
  • From June 16th to June 30th Plus USD 500. - /package/person

Preferential package prices

  • Repeat participant minus US$ 100. - /package/person
  • Families of three or more minus US$ 100. - /package/adult
  • Companions minus US$ 100. - /package/person
  • Volunteers minus US$ 200. - /package/person .

Cancellation Terms

  • Up to March 31th, 2013 the cancellation of your registration is free
  • From April 1st to May 31st, 2013 the cancellation of your registration will cost US$ 200
  • After May 31st, 2013 the cancellation of your registration will cost US$ 500

The above packages include all flights/chartered flights/boats etc. between the package departure location and the race course at Camp Toilogt in Lake Hovsgol National Park in northern Mongolia, as well as all hotels/sleeping arrangements and meals in Mongolia.

The packages do not include visas to Mongolia (single entry) or the People's Republic of China (double-entry necessary for transit through Beijing); flights to the departure location; any airport taxes incurred during the whole trip; or any add-on travel options.

Accommodation will be at a top-quality hotel in Ulaanbaatar and in comfortable triple or quadruple-occupancy gers or wood cabins at Camp Toilogt. Single occupancy accommodation is also available in UB for an additional charge. Camping tents will be supplied at no additional cost should single occupancy be necessary in Camp Toilogt. Full meals will be provided, including western-style breakfast, packed lunches and dinner, tea and coffee. Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks are available in UB and in Camp Toilogt for purchase for an additional charge.

The race organization does not provide packages from Europe and the USA. However, should you need assistance do not hesitate to contact your regional coordinator.

For Europe-based participants the following are convenient travel routes:

  1. travel on MIAT (the Mongolian national carrier) via Germany and Moscow to UB. MIAT have an office in Berlin but we have found that the easiest way to book MIAT flights is through In September 2011 a return ticket from Germany and London to UB cost USD 1,270.
  2. travel on Aeroflot via Moscow - the least expensive option but the disadvantage is the poor reliability of Aeroflot - this year a couple of participants arrived back in Europe two days late because of flight cancellations. On the other hand one of the organizers made it back (on different flights) with no problems whatsoever. You decide if you want to take the risk.
  3. travel on a major airline to Beijing and fly to UB - the most reliable option but there are a few disadvantages including the added time (one actually flies over UB on the way to Beijing); the cost of a double-entry Chinese visa; and the need to spend a night in Beijing on the way back. Then again, for many people a couple of days in Beijing could be attractive.

Guideline prices for air tickets to Beijing:

  • from Europe to Beijing: about Euro 800 - 1,400
  • from Europe to UB: Aeroflot flies to Ulaanbaatar via Moscow for about Euro 1,000

For overnight stays in Beijing near the airport we recommend the Sino-Swiss Hotel: