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Nicolas Musy
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Mongolia, Greater China
Tyler Pike
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Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia
Christopher Hazen
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Chris is a native Oregonian (USA), Boston University graduate, and environmental consultant. After living and working in Hong Kong and Shanghai from 1991 to 1998, and visiting Mongolia in 1998, Chris became a founder of Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset and has provided environmental and organizational input to the event ever since. Chris led his team to third place in the 1995 Hong Kong Trailwalker 100km competition, and has also run the Boston Marathon, Macau Marathon and Napa Valley Marathon, but more recently has focused on 10 km distances in between looking after his kids. Chris lives in Hong Kong his partner Cindy and their children, Paige and Shaye.

Nicolas is a Physics Engineer from Switzerland who has been based in China for over 10 years where he manages his own industrial project management company and where he is a partner of a cashmere knitwear factory. He set-up a joint-venture in 1998 in Mongolia with Hovsgol Travel for cashmere goat breeding and cashmere fiber collection in the Hovsgol Aimag. Nicolas discovered a passion for nature, hiking and trail running when living in the urban jungles of Shanghai. He has run the Everest Marathon in Nepal and the Hong Kong Trailwalker and finished the first Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset 100 km. Nicolas first visited Hovsgol in 1996 and he has returned for business and horse or hiking treks every summer since 1997.

Tyler developed an interest in ultrarunning and in Mongolia during his 7 years of living in urban/industrial cities in China. Tyler has run both annual Sunrise to Sunset 100km and has finished several other ultras including the Leadville Trail 100 miler and several Trailwalkers. Tyler is a Sinologist (contemporary literature) and Physicist by academic background, with degrees in both from the University of California at Berkeley, and presentlyworks for Cochlear Ltd. Tyler presently lives with the love of his life, Tamsin, in Sydney, Australia.

Contact for:
Europe, Africa, Middle East & Latin America

David is Ecuadorian/Swiss/British and an economist by training. Following four years in China and two years in London working for a software company David is now completing an MSc Business Strategy Politics and the Environment in London. David participated in the Hong Kong Trailwalker on two occasions and completed the inaugural Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset 100km. His quest for adventure has taken him mushing in Alaska and telemarking in the World Championships and now to co-organizing Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset.

Angie Eagan
Race Director

Angie Eagan is our Race Director She became committed to the race's philanthropic objectives after her first visit to Mongolia in 1997. Born and raised in cowboy country - the high desert of Central Oregon - an affinity for Mongolia's natural beauty, people and horse culture are a given for Angie. Being a sports enthusiast and adventure traveler rounded out her interest in the event. She has supported participants in the Everest Marathon and Hong Kong Trailwalker 100km race, and was Race Director for the first Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset in 1999. Angie lives and works in China. She is the General Manager Hudson, Shanghai, China’s leading recruitment firm.

Steen Holck

Steen is an international nomad with Danish background and gens. A traveller from early child following his United Nations expatiate parents. Having grown up, lived and worked everywhere from Australia to Zambia Steen is now an hotelier by trade and currently based in Zurich Switzerland.

Steen first joined the MS2S in 2001 as an alternative to smoking and once there Hovsgol and Mongolia became part of him. Steen initially help raise funds for the environmental and cultural activities of MS2S and in 2009 Steen helped establish ecoLeap foundation registered in Geneva, Switzerland which is now the umbrella for the activities of MS2S and its philanthropic activities.