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Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset 2024 and Horse Trek Add-on

MS2S is a non-profit event that relies on volunteers to make it happen. We developped a web-based registration to keep our costs as low as possible and to maximize proceeds for the projects that we support (see Non-Profit Philosophy). It helps us a great deal if you complete the full Registration process and fill in the required information by the required dates.

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The event is open to runners, companions/visitors and volunteers alike.
Volunteers agree to donate their time to help organisers during the event. Volunteers benefit from a USD 300.- rebate on the participation fee.
The 100 Km run needs serious ultramarathon training in order to be completed in the required 18 hours.
The 42 km distance can be covered hiking by an experienced hiker (the 18 hours deadline also applies and allows for a leisurely pace).
100 Km participants can stop at 42 Km, yet they will not be ranked in the 42 Km category. The reverse is not accepted in order to keep track of runners in an organized way and ensure their safety.

Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset is owned by Hovsgol Travel Co. Ltd. All coordinators and organisers are acting strictly on behalf of the event's owner.
Hovsgol Travel Co. Ltd. is also the event's in-country outfitter.

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Should you need further information or assistance for flights organization, do contact your coordinator
I would like to donate the following amount to the Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset Litter Education Control Project USD

*I agree to pay before 05.07.2024
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Beneficiary name: Ecoleap Foundation
Bank Name: Credit Suisse AG
Bank Address: Avenue d'Ouchy 52, Case postale 5722, CH-1002 Lausanne, Switzerland
Bank Telephone Number: +41-848 880 842

Account Number: 0251-1428380-32 for USD
Account Number: 0251-1428380-31 for CHF

USD account's IBAN: CH08 0483 5142 8380 3200 0
CHF account's IBAN: CH42 0483 5142 8380 3100 0

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